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About us

As many have said, “our goals define us more than our achievements so far.”  We are neo-American re-constructionists.  We are actively seeking individuals to run for office at county and congressional seats nationwide, on our behalf and the new American political party that we support.
We believe in three things that would define a future for the next generation:
  • That technology is the backbone of the American economy from now, into the nearest future.
  • That the future of America lies in the Pacific and Asia rather than Europe or the Middle East.
  • That the cost of keeping and maintaining our public responsibility should never be transferred over to the private sector, because if we do, we not only run the risk of jeopardizing the future of millennial workers, we will also end up with a system where elected officials become brokers for a few – who ended up with a deeper purse and more means than our combined local, state and federal government.  And in this day and age, the last thing we need is a threat to the rule of law, the bills of rights, the amendments and the constitution.
With these key facts in mind, we therefore propose an urgent need for America to: ReBuild, ReConstruct, ReVitalize and Re-Invest in key neglected areas (small industries, physical resources and the middle class) by enacting programs that would revitalize economically depressed regions like the coal states, the gulf coast, the south western states, with special emphasis on defense and water farming in California and the west coast.
We are ReBuildUSAtoday-HPAC.  The party we support is The PILGRIMS Alliance Party of America, also known as La Alianza De Peregrinos de los Estados Unidos in Latino communities nationwide.  Our candidate for president, U.S. 2020, is Abbey Laurel-Smith.  He was also our choice for president, U. S. 2016.