Marines: Answering a question about “what would happen if 8 MEU (Marine Expedition Unit) landed in Russia?” in January, 2015

Submarine layout

Nothing will happen if 8 or more MEU landed and carry out operations inside Russia.  What is needed is good admin, good paper work or good background work.  You are giving me $5b.  Here (below) is an example of how I’ll do it.  Read through to gain an insight into my plan for the army of the future, procurement, defense,research, development and combating terrorism in Asia.


$5b dollars for an MEU expedition to Russia!  Fun, I will do it as if a sitting President.  And not just that, I will look back into one of my old movie treatment sketch for Charlie Sheen, way back in 2009, borrow from it, and use part of it to do the same thing a trio of Russian policy makers did way back in 2007.


The trio: One, a forensic economist.  Second, a furniture maker.  Third, a law enforcement officer/spymaster   The forensic economist is a man known as Alexei Kudrin.  The furniture maker is Anatoliy Serydukov and the LEO/spymaster is none other than our newly invigorated friend, Vladimirovich Putin.

Serdyukov, with head full of ideas, was about settling in, into his newly appointed position in the defense ministry and he wanted to execute what he called overdue changes.  But for the changes to be actualized, he needed money – to retool the military’s sourcing, procurement, research, development, repairs, and on and on.

Kudrin’s office will only finance any retooling if it is based on three things:

– First, anything new has to be objective enough for his number crunching department to consider any kind of funding, otherwise, keep up repairs and maintain the old Soviet system for now.

– Two, the whole process has to be systematically ingrained in reality – process, production and time frame, in this case.

– Three, the proposed overhaul must be feasible to turn current Russian military crisis into an opportunity for 3R’s – rebuild, regroup and re-org.


Putin, however remained on the fence.  He knew the checks will clip the wings of his (infantry mannered) defense minister, but wanted the best out of both ex-Afghan war Soviet military officers.  So, at an informal meeting at a dacha somewhere around Sochi, he highlighted what he wanted for a Combined Russian Armed Forces – in pragmatically near Russian terms of “near now and execution” “near mid plan and execution” but no “near long-term”.

What he wanted was an organic system – something that is able to regenerate and plastic enough to evolve with time.  And guess what! He’s got the guys to do it.

So, in rather simple terms, Putin called for “Novvy Pokoleniye Sila” (“new generation force”) at the informal meeting.  Serdyukov said it could be “tailored”.  Kudrin, uptight and for ever wary of cost, proposed “funktsioniruyet teknologiya” functioning technology or “functioning prototypes”.  Please note: In the U.S., the U.K. and probably Israel, this will be regarded as disposable or first stage “technology demonstrators”.


After a few logical explanations here and there, Serydukov agreed.  Now, like Putin, sourcing out talents and fitting parts of different origins together is one of Serdyukov’s strong point.  He went to work straight away – some said with axe and hammer.  But it worked.

Within a very short span of time, Russia used his “new force generation model” to modernize its army.  Kudrin made available more credits than fluid cash.  And rather than being deterred, Serydukov used whatever credit was made available by Kudrin’s office to buy, hack, intrude, override security systems, improve and generally Russify anything and everything (land, air and sea) for Arctic warfare and beyond.  Long term contracts and commitments were based on performance and reliability of product, as well as development and research.

India, as of today, is using this prototyping technique or technology demonstrator and local credit idea for it’s space and defense program.

Benefit of “prototyping” in the defense industry as displayed by this trio is, you can employ several mid size defense industry manufacturers and energize local researchers to make different things.  And you can then field their products for a joint or combined operation – knowing they have embedded chips that will always seek each other out in whatever spectrum.  All you need is a motherboard (western thinking) but these guys created and set up a set of checkpoints – that could work independently of motherboard.


At this point I most gladly salute DD and all the nuggets and good eggs at the Duke of Yorks’ for their work, training and commitment to duty above all.  Wireless gadgets are truly “the biggest prostitute” any soldier could ever carry to a battle field.  Russians know this and they are using it to cheat (cold pack style) on the battlefield.

So, here is what I’ll do to stretch the money and make every penny count.

Since the area of op. is Russia and how far the MEU could go, I’ll immediately place a call for developing a new set of platforms and a unique set of configurations that is most suitable for a potential operational deployment.

Embark on a base restructuring, change – if not disrupt procurement procedures for MEU, for this expedition, for always and ever.

– First, reduce overhead (civilian admin) cost by firing all the top managers in Pentagon.

– Then, turn the MEU into a “tailored force” specifically for this op. and nothing else.

– Will not use any on the weapons or weapon platforms you prescribed or mentioned in the question.


Reason: IMO, they have all been compromised.  So:

– I will generate a new set of “tailored weapons” for this op.  As the only way to meet expedition imperatives is by catering for or make ready to meet complex operational environments they are most likely to face in, about and around Russia.

– I will reshape whatever base structure is in place as at now, change weapon development and procurement procedures.

Equation = I have a modern force (not contemporary, and not fashionable) but a re-furnished MEU as a total force – that is capable of spectrum domination and could very much operate without regional allies.

Like the Russian trio, my tailored force will be reliant on prototyping, albeit with special emphasis on bespoke manufacturing, custom maintenance with special attention given to those elements that could affect production, capability, availability and performance.  So, we are looking at a self sufficient force that is able to adapt and activate research technique for limited-prototyping-prod. (weapons that are made ready to go) and evo.-prototyping-prod. (new weapons that are continuously being created, developed and adapted for use) by the MEU for this purpose.

At this stage:

– I will not use any existing manufacturer.  I will have my own for the MEU.

– I will not use any existing maintenance crew.  I will have my own for the MEU.

– I will not use any outside supplier.  I will build my own MEU sourcing network.

– I will rely mostly on technology demonstrators, their programmers, scientists, machinists and designers.

– And the core of their research and development team will be mobile and offshore.

– Size of the MEU is too small, so I’ll impress the Forward Assault Element of the British Army and the Royal Marines into the MEU.

– Since I don’t want to include any Marshall Plan again, I will not fight from anywhere in Europe.  Impact of Russian fall back will be too great on hosting European countries.

– I will not approach Russia from the Arctic either.  Too risky.  Too costly and better protected than Russia’s western front.

But since I can’t lure Russia out of its comfort zone into anywhere around or below the equator, I will then resort to a ruse.

With this in mind:

– I will use this opportunity to set up a crisis (as a U.S. President) turn this crisis into an opportunity to make an air craft carrier disappear in plain sight and out of it’s battle group formation.

– Will use certain airborne borne weapons and one or two seaborne platforms developed and built by the combination of Russian and Austrian engineers and programmers to achieve deception of …… equipments and certain battle group assets, override …. and ….. then using …. technique, I will proceed with the insertion of …., this will cause a total displacement of an American air craft career and finally enable it’s disappearance, along with all able bodied personnel and all functioning equipments – on the high seas and in plain sight.

– Will have it docked at an inlet on the Easter coast of Canada, cover it with pine trees if I chose to, but will make the public believe it was hijacked by terrorists from the Caucasus, towed to NK’s Raison district, where it was diced up into pieces and shipped in bits and pieces (together with all personnels) into the Caucasus via Raison, NK, Shanghai, China, Rumen, China through Russia’s agricultural oblast and into the Caucasus.  Please note, this area alone is as huge as Canada and United States joined together.


Now, as we all know, the constitution IMO, states that anywhere the spirit of our security touches is an American territory.  I will make an announcement stating that due to the recent hijack and eventual disappearance of an American air craft carrier and all personnel and active weapons on board, I as President have therefore decided on a search, destroy and rescue mission.

But before then, I would have:

– Laid off core managers in the Pentagon, the State Department, a few Navy Admirals, then look for a really pissed up Marine Colonel (Charlie Sheen in my movie) to launch a mega SOF attack on Russia …say 200 to 1000 coordinated mission on terrorists, radar sites and certain abandoned nuclear assets inside Russia, China’s trading port of Shanghai, North Korea’s trading port, freedom bridge and Siberia railway network all at once for three days.

– I will immediately extract and whilst doing so, I will engage the Russians on the reason for the mega op.  Reason is, I don’t want to start a precedence that we might not be able to control – should Russia decide to hit back.

– I will then use the “prototyping and self sustainment” MEU experience to rebuild the a new Combined U.S. Armed Forces Group once this is over.

Marines MEU will lead the way, just as the Russian policy makers pulled Russian (airborne) Armed Forces out of Soviet shadows.

There are many more work to be done, especially when it comes to operations, logistics and execution.   But this is the basis upon which all will be set up.

As to hijacking and making the air craft carrier disappear, so sorry I can’t name or mention the equipments and the techniques.  The needed equipments are so simple, you could put them together in Home Depot.


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