Foreign policy

If elected President 2016, my policy in the Middle East will be defined by what I will do and what I will not do.

First, What I will not do is: I will not follow the lines of previous Presidents. I will stay neutral of all Middle East crisis. I will withdraw from dolling out foreign aid(s) to those who have proven means and capacity to produce and generate world standard income, some type of democracy and more than average GDP.


I will not support Syrian terrorists. Why? You’ve seen them and their representatives on TV. They’ve done everything to gain our support, but have they ever pledge not to attack Israel? No. That’s what makes the difference.

What I will do is: put an end to Islamic Arabism of the middle east by revisiting San Remo resolution.  Use this resolution to bring back a process of 3R’s – reckoning, recognizing and re-introducing displaced ethnic communities back to their ancestral homes in the middle east.  …say, Mesopotamians, Phoenicians and the people of Levant, back to their ancestral homes like we did the Jews, back to the land of Israel.

Start a campaign to make the region (Middle East) nuclear free. And all designated heritage sites, weapon free. Please note, Iran is not in the Middle East, so it is not affected by this policy.

What will really mark my Presidency is: the creation of a Christian (only) state in the Middle East. For this, I have my site set on the Sinai Peninsula and the Negev. I will use American power to create and secure this Biblical heritage enclave for persecuted Christians all over the Middle East to migrate to. And as said before, rather than give aid to Israel and Egypt, I will use it to create a Christian state between both countries with the strait of Tiran and Saudi Arabia to the south of it.

Maritime watch

For trade, tourism and commerce, I will create Darius line – a rail network from Al-Arish to link this peninsula from the Mediterranean to Ras Abu Rudeis and Dahab – so it becomes an alternative to the crowded Suez Canal. This rail network will also extend eastward, to link up with the old Silk Road and beyond.

A reduced reliance on Turkish strait and an alternative to the Suez Canal is not only good for the survival of this new state, it is also a good way to minimize pirate activity from the Arabian gulf to the straits of Malaca.

It is the best way to ward off a possible war between Israel and it’s neighbors if the Saudi-Egypt causeway is built on the straits of Tiran.


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