Coal Energy

Coal Energy

What defines an American more than the banjo and the blues? My answer is simply, Coal Energy. It has been since the revolutionary wars. And has always been a consistent energy source for Americas development till now. This is my answer and has been part of my campaign slogan as SmithieForPresident in the coal producing states in America.


If in doubt about this claim, then I’ll use the empirical and normative political ethics to explain further.

Remember the term “seeing is believing”, IMHO, it is the best way to start talking about the meaning of empirical. Subject(s) and opinion(s) backed up with tangible facts. Tactile facts, in case you are dealing with a blind person. What you say and how you say it or present it is what makes you different from a trickster, a charlatan, a buffoon or a magician.

Now, empirical in a millennial setting, means one might be dealing with sensation, context plus a wide array of localized, multi-cultural and professional contents. If this is the case, then I guess the best way to talk about anything empirical is to use nature of content (subjective or non-subjective) to identify and analyse it as a subject of particular discuss.

Art is art. Do not use psychology to validate it’s meaning as art. Same as in business. Do not use sociology to explain away why a business is loosing customers – if the problem is software related. Do not use something strange to subject or “content sensitivity” to explain a kidney failure – if you’ve spent an entire life using shots of whiskey to wash down 2000 milligrams of medical prescriptions.

In mature politics and not Trump-like politics, something called empirical ethics is a logical step and a rational tool that a third party presidential candidate like myself use as a way to avoid tawdry, ill-chosen, misguided and pure “normative” garbs – to criticize either Trump or Clinton.

Note, i use the word normative here, because normative is something that is mostly concerned with notions, or let’s say our concerns and conceptions. This are perceptual “actions” and expectations about what ought to be or what is morally wrong to do, or what should be the right thing to do.

For example, I always refer people i meet on my campaign trips (mostly American voters) to certain sections of the Bible, if and when they ask me about Trump. Rather than quote, i’d say, “please read up on:

  • 1 Timothy 3:1–4
  • Titus 1:5–7
  • Job 34:29–30

to understand the Bible’s guide for selecting a leader in a democracy. It applies to Christians and non-Christians. And it perfectly describe Trump.

Now, this is me as a presidential candidate using the Biblical facts as an empirical reference to prove the normative – a belief in the Bible and bringing it’s content into the present.


Reason is: problem with the normative (ethics) is, it is highly influenced by folk thinking, pass-down beliefs, locality and generally the inherent character of human beings. That is why decision making based on just the normative alone, breed disagreements. As it always come off worse to the majority – if it does not address situation properly.

  • This is common with work related issues.
  • Pay grade issues between men and women at work in Hollywood is an example.
  • The current toilet use for transgender and other LGBT issues coming up today are examples.

Hillary Clinton and her performance as a public office holder for the past twenty five years comes to play here. I have been using two weapons so far.

  • First is, “She’s been in office for a far longer period than the founding fathers, but has actually done less to help women” is what i have been telling American voters. But these sentence alone is normative. So to back up my claim or claims, I pick on her personal approach and attitude to the ethics of care as the empirical or the invariable.
  • For a public official, this is an aspect the duty of care for your subjects – the American public. In Hillary’s case, she’s lived so long under the preference of thriving and carving out a career in a man’s world – with laws, regulations, healthcare and tax rules made from a man’s view of the world, to the point that she’s no longer interdependent. That is why she comes across as devoid of empathy and compassion.
  • Look at her debates. Look at her records as a civil servant, a First Lady in charge of healthcare and education in Arkansas. Look at the type of candidates she selected for several positions when Bill Clinton was in office. Then her lack luster performance as a New York state Senator for two terms, before becoming the Secretary of State.
  • But to those that are old enough and well versed in American history and the Constitution, I refer them to what the American revolution was all about, and other facts as given in the Constitution.

This is me using both empirical and normative ethics for my campaign. It is my way of allowing homegrown (domestic) American issues and concern, to inform the national and the form of foreign concerns.

It has worked for me as a candidate setting up a third party in America. It has separated me from tawdry ravings and rantings of other candidates. And has put me above Trumps “boogie shoe” politics.


This is how i see the empirical and the normative as a presidential candidate and as a politician. This is how it affects me as at now. If you ask me the same question on a professional level as an artist, a soldier, a nihilist, a script writer, a film maker, a poet or as a tech enthusiast, I most certainly will put forward different views and anchor my empirical reasoning(s) differently.

The different between both is in the fact that the normative alone allows a wide room for error. It is based on belief and it is worse than drug because it never leaves you. And like Daniel’s dream in the Bible, it remains ingrained in your ego, your intellectualism and your decision making in life. it is even worse if you are a public official with a role. No matter what, your preference and your pragmatic decisions will always be lop-sided and impartial.

Whereas the empirical is based on facts and hard evidence.

  • American energy produces 32 percent of American energy use and jobs for communities before Independence. Switching to an untested alternative overnight, without investing in human resources that will help communal transformation to other millennial professions is not a preferable option. Communities would loose their livelihood.

The normative here is coal. The empirical here is the other sides argument that:

  • it is hazardous to miners health and because of dangerous mining techniques.
  • it is dangerous to the environment – to farm lands and to the atmosphere.

But the alternatives and smart energy options given – observed under the same empirical light, are all more dangerous and far more combustible to men, women, animals, land and to the atmosphere in general than coal has ever been in almost three hundred years or more.

And that is where i come in with transitional program as a third party candidate, since others are all into fashionable and pragmatic solutions that will lead to huge amount of job losses. So, my descriptive but normative campaign slogan here has been in reaching out to concerned coal states and saying,

  • “look, Trump and Hillary Clinton are not only out to take jobs and food off your table, they are New Yorkers’ and are simply out to take banjo and blues off your American hands as well.”

This statement is true because it is backed up with empirical facts – based on campaign statements, not attitudes. Fact is:

  • what defines an American more than the banjo and blues?


Another example of normative is myth. That we have the best military equipment in the world, is normative, because facts in Ukraine, Syria and our electronic and early warning stations in the middle east and the Gulf proofed otherwise. The last part of the sentence is empirical. It becomes even more so when you add key circumstantial facts that:

  • our tanks and our infantry fighting vehicles were all conceived before Reagan, but built during Reagan.
  • Same as our light arms.
  • Our defensive missiles (for homeland America) are out of date, except the ones tested against North Korean kerosene, salt and phosphate powered missiles in Yemen by the Saudis’ and the Israeli’s.
  • Meanwhile Putin just managed to fire missiles into Syria, then followed it with about fifty bombers – to and fro. And all went through our electronic warning and defense sites covering Turkey, the Middle east and the Arabian Gulf. That is about ten miles of hot burning metal in the atmosphere.

This is another of my key campaign’s “empirical” fact. And it is the major force behind my urgent call for infrastructure update and the need to ReBuildUSAtoday and our military.

This is how this query touched me as at now and I hope i have answered your question as a campaigning politician and presidential candidate.


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