Border security

Border security - a note for Mr. Trump

Dear Mr. Trump,

Border security is super-imperative to the defense of America.  Securing our borders is important to key border states and I think, more important than foreign policy, Iran, Ukraine, new war or any new defense acquisition.

Therefore, for the benefit of tax payers - our worried men, women and children, let's think of Roman outposts - Roman development of new cities, trade posts and settlements outside Rome. Let's think of how they revitalize Carthage or North African cities and states like Cairo, Tunis, Morocco and Libya of today, and then proceed to treat American border security - like the Romans did to their out posts, as a new set of settlements - built for trade, for security, for small businesses and for creating new jobs for all. 

I will therefore approach this as an experiment in urban planning, waste treatment, energy regeneration, security, heritage, tourism and job creation for Americans, from Detroit to Texas and back.

So if I say big government is needed now more than ever, it is because:
-- I am going to put a meaningful border security in place.
-- I am going to use BS to pursue and set up a meaningful environmental agenda.
-- I am going to use BS to put up a meaningful challenge to emerging markets from the BRICS countries.
-- I am going to use BS to create humongous amount of job at grass root level and in and around the concerned border states.
-- I am going to use BS to monitor the Caribbean, the Gulf, the Western states and the Eastern Pacific Region.
-- I am going to use BS to generate alternative power for all kinds of industries in this area.
-- I am going to use BS to set up a new power grid that is uniquely American.

Make me a President today and the first thing I'll do is set up a "contingent" plan.  Note: contingent not contingency.  Advantage of a contingent plan - especially with border security is, it allows you to build around a set of concerned states.

Same could also be applied to personnel and materials.  As for budget, my contingent plan removes the monopoly of vested interests - the general public.  Meaning, I will float public bonds to do this.  What I will not do is PPP - public, private, partnership.  No.

The only way this could be done, Mr. Trump is if you are an Independent.  It means you will not be drawn into what is called PPP - public private partnership and you will not be dissuaded from floating public funds by vested interests.

Now, here's the overview of my comprehensive plan:


Claim a stretch from four western (border) states.  The land will be 5 miles deep and 2000 miles long. It will be on the American side of the border. This will be used for a unique if not anomalous border wall.  As a massive construction project, this border wall will be made up of wall, moat, cables, sensors and multiple radars from the Zumwalt.

This border structure will sport barriers, barracks, farms, waste processing plants, farms, hotels, condominiums, small communities as well as gaming and tourist resorts of all kinds.  In short it will be a new kind of settlement and a commercial entity with unrivaled benefits.

Please note:
Outer perimeter (half a mile) facing Mexico.  Middle perimeter (3 miles) on the American side.  First part of the middle core will be 30meter deep and about a mile wide.  Terrain will be picturesque, but spiked with deeply inserted sensors, drill alert monitors, slabs and many other underground barriers.  The last inner perimeter wall inside America will be made up of radar stations, settlements, C2 stations, helicopter pads, police stations, military and civilian dwellings as well as hotels and commercial establishments.

Break up of the whole set up will be:
-- a 2000 miles physical barrier.  It will run from Texas through the states of New Mexico and Arizona all the way to California's Pacific coast.
-- Build sand beams and thorn beams on the Mexican sided the border
-- Build 300 watchtowers and radars on the 2000 miles stretch.
-- 100,000 rapid response vehicles - surveillance and reconnaissance vehicles with thermal and night vision cameras.
-- Lay underground sensors with trigger alarm
-- Helicopters and surveillance vehicles for rapid response.
-- Special communication towers for C2 coordination, control and support.
-- Full military response stations and Joint asset forces (land, air, sea) capability with base and training area.
-- Fibre optic cables - connect to Command centers, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, Customs & Excise, DEA and Border Patrol.
-- Offshore and below ground nuclear waste storage, power plants and other waste/energy regenerating and treatment centers for the gulf states, the western states and the eastern pacific region will be settled and created as part of this structure.

Be a PAL, join me to and together we'll #TrumpUpTheBorder.