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To: Veterans, the Police, the FOP, FireFighters, serving members of the combined U.S. Armed forces (USMarines, USAF, USNavy, USCG, USNG, Delta Force and the NavySEALs) retired Generals, Admirals, Chiefs and Warrant Officers

Dear Veterans of all combined armed forces,

I am overwhelmed by your support and will remained humbled by the kind of support and enthusiasm you’ve given me and my lean campaign team for almost two years now. I very much appreciate your endorsement and the degree of confidence you had in my candidacy for the office of the president, and as promised, I will to do my best to move these community of forces toward excellence. It is the most imperative thing to do in this 21st century of ours.

As discussed with a few Generals, Admirals and Warrant Officer, my first task as president will be to move the military and other state security apparatus, away from cyber/hacker-proned micro-electronic based systems to a photon(ic) energy generation, detection and manipulation based network.

As agreed, it is five times more reliable than stealth. It is agile, had better capability, low cost and more than anything we have now. And according to my estimate, I could easily set it up with less than -10% of our national budget - which is equal to the same amount of money we give out to Israel, Egypt or the Turkish military every year.

Good thing about this system for the pacific coverage is, if a photonic radar or more than one radar is installed in California or Utah or Oregon today:

- it expands the military’s current pacific ocean range by ten fold

- avoid the bottleneck of being taken by surprise by advanced photonic weapon hugging countries likes of North Korea, China, Vietnam, Russia and the UK.

It also means the military can abide by natural habitat and heritage rules to explore nature’s given opportunity to:

- structurally put in place a set of underwater defenses as navigational aids - that naturally make all submarines in the pacific to conform to pattern or known patterns in designated zones. This is in line with what Henry VIII did to the waters - south of the English coast, and Winston Churchill did the same to the Scottish and North atlantic coast - as a way to force the hands of Russian and German navigators. This is one of many ways to protect Silicon Valley, the tech industry, e-commerce and other national assets in the west coast from a low orbit (equatorial) melt down that could easily be facilitated by a diesel electronic submarine and other capable weapons that are now in the hands of countries like Vietnam and North Korea.

On the other hand, I will also give credit to the FOP and a law enforcement officer’s opinion or rather an expression of confidence that this photonic system could also be applied to:

- tackle environmental issues and yearly natural disasters like flood, hurricane and drought

- reduce energy reliance with this cheaper option, make faming, coal mining safer and manufacturing easier than it is now

- create small businesses and new jobs for the next twenty years.

- and that until the hyprloop is perfected, a more pragmatic photonic system will facilitate research, development, design and fabrication of new systems that will improve transport and general supply network for safety of our families, economic prosperity of all and enable a robust defense of the union.

Ladies and gentlemen of the combined forces, I couldn’t agree more. Once again, I thank you for trusting in me. I am truly humbled and will be too happy to translate your concerns for the future of this country into a workable proposal, if elected president.

I therefore urge you to please remember, few days from now, the outcome of this general election will determine our security, energy cost, safety, job, healthcare and the future of our democracy.

The way of the future and those of your kids lies in what you decide to do with your hand today. Make democracy work. Go out and vote for me “Smithie”. I need you more than ever now.


Abbey S. Laurel-Smith (SmithieForPresident)

ReBuildUSAtoday and The PILGRIMS Alliance party of America


Please feel free to pass on this message to fellow Veterans, family, colleagues and co-workers. And if you'd like to become more familiar with my Asian pivot and my other military related campaign issues, our apps are now available for download in the Apple store.


Islamic terrorism

Islamic terrorism: What most people don’t know is that, what we now call “Islamic extremist groups” are common and are a norm to the Islamic religion. And within the community of believers, they are seen as strict adherents of Islam. They are regarded, revered and allowed… And no matter what! they are to be supported by the community.


History of extremism within the Islamic religion started during the time of Prophet Mohammed himself. And the extremists of his time were mostly made up of fighters for the Prophet’s Jihadi forces. They spearheaded all his wars. And forcefully rid the Arabian peninsula of Pagans, Christians, Jews and Persians by the sword, unless they agree to convert.

Then, they were known as the Khawarij or the Outsiders. Their types have always been warriors for the religion.

They fought alongside Prophet Mohammed in all his wars and even against him – probably wounded him (can’t remember very well) because they disagree with his approach to an issue on a battle field.

Even after his death, the Khawarij’s were mostly responsible for spreading his message. They expanded the Caliphate all the way to Damascus, Persia and beyond.

These Khawarijs’ are of the opinion that:

  • Judgement belong to God alone. They don’t believe in arbitration or popular consent as a way of allowing people to make decision.
  • They believe in martyrdom or dying for the sake of God.
  • They believe fighting jihad is norm.
  • And you don’t have to be Arabic to be one of them.
  • They believe you are to be killed once you deviate or show a willingness to query what was in the Quran.
  • They assassinated Ali after the battle of siffin for agreeing to an arbitration.
  • In short, they have always been a source of insurrection against any ruling body, and were against the Caliph
    ate for almost a hundred years after the death of Prophet Mohammed.

This, in today’s term means they should be true perpetrators of Arab spring. Not the common street guy in Tunisia. And that, i guess is why the whole Arab spring movement ended up being easily hijacked by Saudi sponsored ISIS.

Also, their ways and existence was sanctioned by Muhammad al-Bukhari in his book “sahih al-bukhari” This book is one of six major hadiths – kutub al-sittah, and it is regarded and seen as the next, and the most trusted after Prophet Mohammed’s Hadith.
This means the existence of islamic extremism is socio-cultural and religiously intertwined. Modern day administrative body or democracy is haram. And so long as their chosen path is religiously sanctioned, then, we are in for a long ride.


Four ways ISIS see things:

  • Upstage and dethrone all known Arab leaders. To ISIS and other extremist groups, they are corrupt.
  • Accept Palestinian issue as an imperative one that all Muslims should be concerned about, but do not make it centrist or core of this Jihad and the Caliphate.
  • Recapture Iberia and all lost Muslim lands in Africa and Europe (the Balkans). Now they are set in Libya, Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro and Turkey. That is three prong attack. That is why Spain, Malta, Italy and most Balkan states are not happy with NATO, EU and Germany. That is why S
    panish African cities of Ceuta, Melilla, Isla de Prejil and a few others are now hosting Russian Navy like crazy. Plan is to enable a few Russian submarine bases and host a Russian state of the art electronic monitoring station in the Med.
  • Last is to keep to one of Prophet Mohammed’s most sacred hadith, “seek knowledge, even as far as China” Why? South East Asia and the Caucasus all the way to China today is home to more than two billion adherents of Islam.

That is why i propose walking the way of King Kaleb of Aksum in my Middle East Policy at Veterans’ talkback.


Vote Pledge

Now, who is King Aksum and what did he do?

In 570, King Kaleb, an Ethiopian King, a Christian and his wayward general, Abreha Al-Ashram, tried to save Hejaz. Tried to forcefully wrestle Judeo-Christian homeland lands of Mecca, Medina, Jeddah, Yanbo, Tabuk and Al-Baci from the Prophet Mohammed and his Jihadists, so he could restore old Hejaz, it’s churches, cathedrals and pagan shrines to it’s original Judeo-Christian merchants and Pagan farmers – who were being killed in the name of Jihad and mono-theism.

Plan was perfect, but execution got sabotaged by outside trading interests from Damascus, Greece, Nile and other Byzantine maritime interests. Launching trading ports in Adulis and Muza were sabotaged, thus wrecking the dreams of launching an invading force and scuttling supplies. Then, Marib dam got sabotaged for Abraha’s land forces in Yemen. Anyway, the expedition and supply force from Aksum failed, but Abraha and his land forces pressed on. They got as far as Kaaba and Mecca before they all succumbed to starvation, dehydration and the effect of nature in an arid environment.

If oral African history is true, “Abreha survived Adulis, Muza and promises. But the loss of Mariba – his pride!” It was believed that this particular sabotage of the Marib dam is what led to the failure of Abreha to perform his duty outside the walls of Mecca. And in effect, led to the survival of the Islamic religion today. And a determination by the Jihadists’ not to ever be contained on the Arabic peninsula has led to a total displacement of others and their culture ever since.


Point with all these is, documented history is richer than we think. And diversity – as an American strength could easily be used to move this country forward from where we are today, if we just tried looking outside Aegean sea and Euro-centric line of thinking.

“Sunni” as we now call them were allied with King Aksum. And when they were being persecuted on the Arabian peninsula, he provided refuge from them on the african continent. He allowed them to practice their religion – then a budding Islam. He allowed them to live peacefully with others with different religion beliefs. From his land, he allowed them to launch wars that eventually led them back onto Mecca and the peninsula. But couldn’t stand it, when the same people he helped started killing Christian males, Jewish males and taking their wives upon arriving back on the peninsula. The Prophet himself ended up with 13 wives – all Jewish. So, he acted.

This particular episode happened in an area known as Ethiopia, Eriteria, the Red Sea and Saudi Arabia today. And backed by technology and manpower and all, if we look at dealing with terrorists from an African King’s perspective – by committing to take the old Hejaz back, we will not fail.

  • We’ll be taking off the head of the snake by disrupting sponsors, donors and facilitators of terrorist groups.
  • We’ll be educating people about how life was before Islam and before Prophet Mohammed.
  • We’ll be educating people about those we now call the “Sunni’s” we’ll be talking about how they were once allied with King Aksum.
  • We’ll be talking about when they were being persecuted on the Arabian peninsula, he, King Aksum provided refuge from them on the African continent. He allowed them to practice their religion – then a budding Islam. He allowed them to live peacefully with others with different religion beliefs. And from his land, he allowed them to launch wars that eventually led them back onto Mecca and the peninsula. But couldn’t stand it, when the same people he helped started killing Christian males, Jewish males and taking their wives upon arriving back on the peninsula. The Prophet himself ended up with 13 wives – all Jewish.

So, he acted. But are we? No.

As president, i will restore old Hejaz (western part of Saudi Arabia) to it’s rightful Judeo-Christian owners.


Coal Energy

Coal Energy

What defines an American more than the banjo and the blues? My answer is simply, Coal Energy. It has been since the revolutionary wars. And has always been a consistent energy source for Americas development till now. This is my answer and has been part of my campaign slogan as SmithieForPresident in the coal producing states in America.


If in doubt about this claim, then I’ll use the empirical and normative political ethics to explain further.

Remember the term “seeing is believing”, IMHO, it is the best way to start talking about the meaning of empirical. Subject(s) and opinion(s) backed up with tangible facts. Tactile facts, in case you are dealing with a blind person. What you say and how you say it or present it is what makes you different from a trickster, a charlatan, a buffoon or a magician.

Now, empirical in a millennial setting, means one might be dealing with sensation, context plus a wide array of localized, multi-cultural and professional contents. If this is the case, then I guess the best way to talk about anything empirical is to use nature of content (subjective or non-subjective) to identify and analyse it as a subject of particular discuss.

Art is art. Do not use psychology to validate it’s meaning as art. Same as in business. Do not use sociology to explain away why a business is loosing customers – if the problem is software related. Do not use something strange to subject or “content sensitivity” to explain a kidney failure – if you’ve spent an entire life using shots of whiskey to wash down 2000 milligrams of medical prescriptions.

In mature politics and not Trump-like politics, something called empirical ethics is a logical step and a rational tool that a third party presidential candidate like myself use as a way to avoid tawdry, ill-chosen, misguided and pure “normative” garbs – to criticize either Trump or Clinton.

Note, i use the word normative here, because normative is something that is mostly concerned with notions, or let’s say our concerns and conceptions. This are perceptual “actions” and expectations about what ought to be or what is morally wrong to do, or what should be the right thing to do.

For example, I always refer people i meet on my campaign trips (mostly American voters) to certain sections of the Bible, if and when they ask me about Trump. Rather than quote, i’d say, “please read up on:

  • 1 Timothy 3:1–4
  • Titus 1:5–7
  • Job 34:29–30

to understand the Bible’s guide for selecting a leader in a democracy. It applies to Christians and non-Christians. And it perfectly describe Trump.

Now, this is me as a presidential candidate using the Biblical facts as an empirical reference to prove the normative – a belief in the Bible and bringing it’s content into the present.


Reason is: problem with the normative (ethics) is, it is highly influenced by folk thinking, pass-down beliefs, locality and generally the inherent character of human beings. That is why decision making based on just the normative alone, breed disagreements. As it always come off worse to the majority – if it does not address situation properly.

  • This is common with work related issues.
  • Pay grade issues between men and women at work in Hollywood is an example.
  • The current toilet use for transgender and other LGBT issues coming up today are examples.

Hillary Clinton and her performance as a public office holder for the past twenty five years comes to play here. I have been using two weapons so far.

  • First is, “She’s been in office for a far longer period than the founding fathers, but has actually done less to help women” is what i have been telling American voters. But these sentence alone is normative. So to back up my claim or claims, I pick on her personal approach and attitude to the ethics of care as the empirical or the invariable.
  • For a public official, this is an aspect the duty of care for your subjects – the American public. In Hillary’s case, she’s lived so long under the preference of thriving and carving out a career in a man’s world – with laws, regulations, healthcare and tax rules made from a man’s view of the world, to the point that she’s no longer interdependent. That is why she comes across as devoid of empathy and compassion.
  • Look at her debates. Look at her records as a civil servant, a First Lady in charge of healthcare and education in Arkansas. Look at the type of candidates she selected for several positions when Bill Clinton was in office. Then her lack luster performance as a New York state Senator for two terms, before becoming the Secretary of State.
  • But to those that are old enough and well versed in American history and the Constitution, I refer them to what the American revolution was all about, and other facts as given in the Constitution.

This is me using both empirical and normative ethics for my campaign. It is my way of allowing homegrown (domestic) American issues and concern, to inform the national and the form of foreign concerns.

It has worked for me as a candidate setting up a third party in America. It has separated me from tawdry ravings and rantings of other candidates. And has put me above Trumps “boogie shoe” politics.


This is how i see the empirical and the normative as a presidential candidate and as a politician. This is how it affects me as at now. If you ask me the same question on a professional level as an artist, a soldier, a nihilist, a script writer, a film maker, a poet or as a tech enthusiast, I most certainly will put forward different views and anchor my empirical reasoning(s) differently.

The different between both is in the fact that the normative alone allows a wide room for error. It is based on belief and it is worse than drug because it never leaves you. And like Daniel’s dream in the Bible, it remains ingrained in your ego, your intellectualism and your decision making in life. it is even worse if you are a public official with a role. No matter what, your preference and your pragmatic decisions will always be lop-sided and impartial.

Whereas the empirical is based on facts and hard evidence.

  • American energy produces 32 percent of American energy use and jobs for communities before Independence. Switching to an untested alternative overnight, without investing in human resources that will help communal transformation to other millennial professions is not a preferable option. Communities would loose their livelihood.

The normative here is coal. The empirical here is the other sides argument that:

  • it is hazardous to miners health and because of dangerous mining techniques.
  • it is dangerous to the environment – to farm lands and to the atmosphere.

But the alternatives and smart energy options given – observed under the same empirical light, are all more dangerous and far more combustible to men, women, animals, land and to the atmosphere in general than coal has ever been in almost three hundred years or more.

And that is where i come in with transitional program as a third party candidate, since others are all into fashionable and pragmatic solutions that will lead to huge amount of job losses. So, my descriptive but normative campaign slogan here has been in reaching out to concerned coal states and saying,

  • “look, Trump and Hillary Clinton are not only out to take jobs and food off your table, they are New Yorkers’ and are simply out to take banjo and blues off your American hands as well.”

This statement is true because it is backed up with empirical facts – based on campaign statements, not attitudes. Fact is:

  • what defines an American more than the banjo and blues?


Another example of normative is myth. That we have the best military equipment in the world, is normative, because facts in Ukraine, Syria and our electronic and early warning stations in the middle east and the Gulf proofed otherwise. The last part of the sentence is empirical. It becomes even more so when you add key circumstantial facts that:

  • our tanks and our infantry fighting vehicles were all conceived before Reagan, but built during Reagan.
  • Same as our light arms.
  • Our defensive missiles (for homeland America) are out of date, except the ones tested against North Korean kerosene, salt and phosphate powered missiles in Yemen by the Saudis’ and the Israeli’s.
  • Meanwhile Putin just managed to fire missiles into Syria, then followed it with about fifty bombers – to and fro. And all went through our electronic warning and defense sites covering Turkey, the Middle east and the Arabian Gulf. That is about ten miles of hot burning metal in the atmosphere.

This is another of my key campaign’s “empirical” fact. And it is the major force behind my urgent call for infrastructure update and the need to ReBuildUSAtoday and our military.

This is how this query touched me as at now and I hope i have answered your question as a campaigning politician and presidential candidate.


NRA and Gun Issue

Gun issue requires good insight, level headedness, clear thinking and not tawdry politics. But if the NRA leadership choose the tawdry path – as they seem to be doing now – with Trump, then they are definitely setting up gun owners (Veterans and their members all over the country) on a troublesome path with the law.


The thing is, as a presidential candidate, I see guns and its ownership as something culturally American. And if we all agree to take necessary precautions, our right to bear firearms will never be taken away or threatened in any way.

But if we agree to go along with someone that thinks the only way to protect our kids on primary and secondary school premises, is to allow firearms (carried by teachers) inside classrooms, on school playgrounds and around school perimeter, without providing details, then we are setting ourselves up for a problem. And guess what! It will be bigger than what the Israeli’s face everyday.


These are our kids. Next generation Americans. We can protect them better by adopting, the School Defense and Access Plan. This is an all-American plan. It was developed by the US Marine Embassy Guards, in the 1930’s. And is still in use by all U.S. Embassy Schools abroad. Setting this up across the homeland is tax payers money well spent at home. It is far better than propping up a base abroad.

With this in mind, what I will have in every primary and secondary school is a SAP and a DP. A well prepared DP (defensive perimeter) with an SAP (single access point) can hold off an entire platoon of well trained professional infantry for quite a while.

Also, we cannot afford to expose teachers to the uncontrolled rage of students with bad grades at this level.


As for college campuses, it is filled with military age adults. Now these groups (U.S. Citizens only) if given three weeks training with special focus on weapon handling techniques, buddy buddy orientation, and then organized into small groups. They are certainly going to come out being capable of defending themselves before an 2RF (rapid reaction force) arrives on scene.

Now, if upon graduation anyone (U.S. Citizen) with this training decides to seek his or her fortune abroad by joining a foreign military or militia – ally country or not, he or she will automatically loose citizenship, passport and be declared a enemy of state.

This is how I plan to address school safety and gun issue across the U.S. if elected president.  As for our shopping malls and other public places, I have other plans in place. Just remember we are a country with almost 26 million Veterans, and none would hesitate at the chance to defend the homeland.


Asian Americans

To Asian Americans and Pacific Island Americans:

I care about the silent majority amongst us.  I honor your continuous strife at labor, employment, economic security and your determination to make better the productive life of women.


Please do join me SmithieForPresident at the Pilgrims Alliance party of America, and let us use the richness and the dept of our diversity as our strength to ReBuildUSAtoday with.



Mexicans, Latinos and Immigration

As a presidential candidate, my view on immigration is quite simple, practically pragmatic, progressive and comprehensive in the utilitarian and millennia sense.


The simple fact that Mexicans – being of pre-Columbian descent, are an indigenous group that was once local to the south and the western part of the United States, qualifies them to be looked at as an independent group outside the Latino label.   I will therefore push for a legislation to grant them indigenous rights.


If you disagree, then look at it this way.  If we look at Alamo, as an example of an event that affected indigenous population that was local to that particular battle theater, then consider the ferocity of the push – deeper into Mexican territory, we’ll see, that rather than being allowed the option of citizenship – as was optioned to some American Indians, the local indigenous population (ancestors of these people) were forcibly displaced by the nature of war fought by the expanding Union.

So, to most Mexicans, a trip to what we called the United States today, is like a return to their ancestral land.  Therefore, it is most rational to look at these hardworking people the way we look at Cuban exiles – a group that have thrived well outside the Latino and Hispanic label.

But if we keep going Latino! Latinos! on immigration, and look at “toda Latinos” from the eyes of their political leaders – most of whom are of Spanish Galician/Catalan descent, we’ll be applying Greco-Roman standard to a set of people that have nothing in common to these two European groups.  And we’ll be denying a majority of indigenous people who were once local to the United States their natural right of return to a land that was once their ancestors.

Double jeopardy by way of war and colonization is at play here.  Why make it worse by an old immigration system that seems out of sync with the millennia?  Granting “indigenous rights” to Mexicans already in the United States and placing them outside the Latino label is something I will do as president elect.  It is the most ethical thing to do before building a wall.  And even if I have to build a border wall, it will be in the form of new urban communities and productive border settlements – as proposed and penned out in my previous post last year.


The Pharaoh’s did it to the Jewish immigrants in Egypt.  King Solomon did it for immigrants residing in his domain in the Bible.  The King of England used the same approach to address issues of legal status faced by the British Jewry – when he designated them “the King’s visitors” when the British parliament, the land Barons, the Lords and manor Lords ganged up to deny them a legal status, talk less of British citizenship.

Worse, if we look at them from Donald Trump’s public options, then we are not too far from a modern day “trail of tears”.  Sad things is, Trump’s ancestors were not here to witness “the trail of tears” the forced displacement of “Alamo” and neither was any of his ancestors here to experience the battle for independence at Fort McHenry.  He doesn’t know any better.


Marines: Answering a question about “what would happen if 8 MEU (Marine Expedition Unit) landed in Russia?” in January, 2015

Submarine layout

Nothing will happen if 8 or more MEU landed and carry out operations inside Russia.  What is needed is good admin, good paper work or good background work.  You are giving me $5b.  Here (below) is an example of how I’ll do it.  Read through to gain an insight into my plan for the army of the future, procurement, defense,research, development and combating terrorism in Asia.


$5b dollars for an MEU expedition to Russia!  Fun, I will do it as if a sitting President.  And not just that, I will look back into one of my old movie treatment sketch for Charlie Sheen, way back in 2009, borrow from it, and use part of it to do the same thing a trio of Russian policy makers did way back in 2007.


The trio: One, a forensic economist.  Second, a furniture maker.  Third, a law enforcement officer/spymaster   The forensic economist is a man known as Alexei Kudrin.  The furniture maker is Anatoliy Serydukov and the LEO/spymaster is none other than our newly invigorated friend, Vladimirovich Putin.

Serdyukov, with head full of ideas, was about settling in, into his newly appointed position in the defense ministry and he wanted to execute what he called overdue changes.  But for the changes to be actualized, he needed money – to retool the military’s sourcing, procurement, research, development, repairs, and on and on.

Kudrin’s office will only finance any retooling if it is based on three things:

– First, anything new has to be objective enough for his number crunching department to consider any kind of funding, otherwise, keep up repairs and maintain the old Soviet system for now.

– Two, the whole process has to be systematically ingrained in reality – process, production and time frame, in this case.

– Three, the proposed overhaul must be feasible to turn current Russian military crisis into an opportunity for 3R’s – rebuild, regroup and re-org.


Putin, however remained on the fence.  He knew the checks will clip the wings of his (infantry mannered) defense minister, but wanted the best out of both ex-Afghan war Soviet military officers.  So, at an informal meeting at a dacha somewhere around Sochi, he highlighted what he wanted for a Combined Russian Armed Forces – in pragmatically near Russian terms of “near now and execution” “near mid plan and execution” but no “near long-term”.

What he wanted was an organic system – something that is able to regenerate and plastic enough to evolve with time.  And guess what! He’s got the guys to do it.

So, in rather simple terms, Putin called for “Novvy Pokoleniye Sila” (“new generation force”) at the informal meeting.  Serdyukov said it could be “tailored”.  Kudrin, uptight and for ever wary of cost, proposed “funktsioniruyet teknologiya” functioning technology or “functioning prototypes”.  Please note: In the U.S., the U.K. and probably Israel, this will be regarded as disposable or first stage “technology demonstrators”.


After a few logical explanations here and there, Serydukov agreed.  Now, like Putin, sourcing out talents and fitting parts of different origins together is one of Serdyukov’s strong point.  He went to work straight away – some said with axe and hammer.  But it worked.

Within a very short span of time, Russia used his “new force generation model” to modernize its army.  Kudrin made available more credits than fluid cash.  And rather than being deterred, Serydukov used whatever credit was made available by Kudrin’s office to buy, hack, intrude, override security systems, improve and generally Russify anything and everything (land, air and sea) for Arctic warfare and beyond.  Long term contracts and commitments were based on performance and reliability of product, as well as development and research.

India, as of today, is using this prototyping technique or technology demonstrator and local credit idea for it’s space and defense program.

Benefit of “prototyping” in the defense industry as displayed by this trio is, you can employ several mid size defense industry manufacturers and energize local researchers to make different things.  And you can then field their products for a joint or combined operation – knowing they have embedded chips that will always seek each other out in whatever spectrum.  All you need is a motherboard (western thinking) but these guys created and set up a set of checkpoints – that could work independently of motherboard.


At this point I most gladly salute DD and all the nuggets and good eggs at the Duke of Yorks’ for their work, training and commitment to duty above all.  Wireless gadgets are truly “the biggest prostitute” any soldier could ever carry to a battle field.  Russians know this and they are using it to cheat (cold pack style) on the battlefield.

So, here is what I’ll do to stretch the money and make every penny count.

Since the area of op. is Russia and how far the MEU could go, I’ll immediately place a call for developing a new set of platforms and a unique set of configurations that is most suitable for a potential operational deployment.

Embark on a base restructuring, change – if not disrupt procurement procedures for MEU, for this expedition, for always and ever.

– First, reduce overhead (civilian admin) cost by firing all the top managers in Pentagon.

– Then, turn the MEU into a “tailored force” specifically for this op. and nothing else.

– Will not use any on the weapons or weapon platforms you prescribed or mentioned in the question.


Reason: IMO, they have all been compromised.  So:

– I will generate a new set of “tailored weapons” for this op.  As the only way to meet expedition imperatives is by catering for or make ready to meet complex operational environments they are most likely to face in, about and around Russia.

– I will reshape whatever base structure is in place as at now, change weapon development and procurement procedures.

Equation = I have a modern force (not contemporary, and not fashionable) but a re-furnished MEU as a total force – that is capable of spectrum domination and could very much operate without regional allies.

Like the Russian trio, my tailored force will be reliant on prototyping, albeit with special emphasis on bespoke manufacturing, custom maintenance with special attention given to those elements that could affect production, capability, availability and performance.  So, we are looking at a self sufficient force that is able to adapt and activate research technique for limited-prototyping-prod. (weapons that are made ready to go) and evo.-prototyping-prod. (new weapons that are continuously being created, developed and adapted for use) by the MEU for this purpose.

At this stage:

– I will not use any existing manufacturer.  I will have my own for the MEU.

– I will not use any existing maintenance crew.  I will have my own for the MEU.

– I will not use any outside supplier.  I will build my own MEU sourcing network.

– I will rely mostly on technology demonstrators, their programmers, scientists, machinists and designers.

– And the core of their research and development team will be mobile and offshore.

– Size of the MEU is too small, so I’ll impress the Forward Assault Element of the British Army and the Royal Marines into the MEU.

– Since I don’t want to include any Marshall Plan again, I will not fight from anywhere in Europe.  Impact of Russian fall back will be too great on hosting European countries.

– I will not approach Russia from the Arctic either.  Too risky.  Too costly and better protected than Russia’s western front.

But since I can’t lure Russia out of its comfort zone into anywhere around or below the equator, I will then resort to a ruse.

With this in mind:

– I will use this opportunity to set up a crisis (as a U.S. President) turn this crisis into an opportunity to make an air craft carrier disappear in plain sight and out of it’s battle group formation.

– Will use certain airborne borne weapons and one or two seaborne platforms developed and built by the combination of Russian and Austrian engineers and programmers to achieve deception of …… equipments and certain battle group assets, override …. and ….. then using …. technique, I will proceed with the insertion of …., this will cause a total displacement of an American air craft career and finally enable it’s disappearance, along with all able bodied personnel and all functioning equipments – on the high seas and in plain sight.

– Will have it docked at an inlet on the Easter coast of Canada, cover it with pine trees if I chose to, but will make the public believe it was hijacked by terrorists from the Caucasus, towed to NK’s Raison district, where it was diced up into pieces and shipped in bits and pieces (together with all personnels) into the Caucasus via Raison, NK, Shanghai, China, Rumen, China through Russia’s agricultural oblast and into the Caucasus.  Please note, this area alone is as huge as Canada and United States joined together.


Now, as we all know, the constitution IMO, states that anywhere the spirit of our security touches is an American territory.  I will make an announcement stating that due to the recent hijack and eventual disappearance of an American air craft carrier and all personnel and active weapons on board, I as President have therefore decided on a search, destroy and rescue mission.

But before then, I would have:

– Laid off core managers in the Pentagon, the State Department, a few Navy Admirals, then look for a really pissed up Marine Colonel (Charlie Sheen in my movie) to launch a mega SOF attack on Russia …say 200 to 1000 coordinated mission on terrorists, radar sites and certain abandoned nuclear assets inside Russia, China’s trading port of Shanghai, North Korea’s trading port, freedom bridge and Siberia railway network all at once for three days.

– I will immediately extract and whilst doing so, I will engage the Russians on the reason for the mega op.  Reason is, I don’t want to start a precedence that we might not be able to control – should Russia decide to hit back.

– I will then use the “prototyping and self sustainment” MEU experience to rebuild the a new Combined U.S. Armed Forces Group once this is over.

Marines MEU will lead the way, just as the Russian policy makers pulled Russian (airborne) Armed Forces out of Soviet shadows.

There are many more work to be done, especially when it comes to operations, logistics and execution.   But this is the basis upon which all will be set up.

As to hijacking and making the air craft carrier disappear, so sorry I can’t name or mention the equipments and the techniques.  The needed equipments are so simple, you could put them together in Home Depot.


Homeland security

Homeland Security

As a 2016 Presidential candidate, I will update current capabilities of certain agencies throughout the United States.  Reduce current logistical footprints so they could be mobile, flexible and responsive enough to “apprehensively” deal with non-conventional operations.

I’d rather not go by the grain and do what the government and every security expert is promoting, which is: dive, hide, run – if unlucky enough to be in an area during a terrorist attack.

No matter how, this individualistic approach to freedom/self defense will not address the problem we are faced with today and neither will it solve the problem by an inch. It is a way of shifting responsibility. And this is not my approach to security matters, and as a Presidential candidate and a “military egg” I see what is unraveling differently then most people do. Guess what! I’ve seen how the British dealt with the PROVO and I’d rather tackle it now.
– certain areas within the FBI, ICE and others need to plugged, updated.
– certain areas within these agencies need to be mobile and made more responsive.
– certain areas writhing these agencies need to be made ready and flexible enough to face and deal with the variety of things/attacks/terrorism/cyber threats before they happen or as they happen.


The only way to make this happen is to either reduce/redirect current logistic footprint. This way a related agency will not only be well prepared, but properly rigged to deal with conventional operations and non-conventional operations as they happen.

There are equipments (new technologies) for the kind of fast response and update that I am proposing. We just need to have them in place. Guess what! They are non-invasive – unless one is bent on going out to commit a crime. It is possible to apprehend criminals/terrorists before they get to scene of crime.

Also, the kind of (first contact alert) technologies I plan to deploy all over the U.S. are environmentally friendly. The only thing is, once the ping/alert sign goes off, it demands a @michaelteague “fire fighters’ response” of Police officers’ or of any responding agency.

There are other things to do ASAP.  What I will not do is put general public at risk by being as abusive as #Trump.  Targeting and labeling #MuslimsInTheUS is #Unpatriotic  It is #AntiAmerican. #DonaldTrump is simply putting our #AmericanSecurity at risk.


EMP attack

How to protect Americans from an EMP attack



Points to note Mr. Obama.

Mr. President, if I find myself in a position to protect Americans from Electro Magnetic Pulse attack, I will not wait for security experts to find strength, severity of pulse, direction, source and location of an attack, ‘specially if it is most likely to come from North Korea.

As the most qualified Presidential Candidate for this coming election, 2016, my guide against an EMP attack will be to shore up facilities in all cities.  After which I will encourage city and urban planners to research and rethink the make up and the layout of cities and small communities all over the United States.

What I’d love to see developed could be summed up as:

– Surge, heat and thermal radiation resistant housing for building, appliances and gadgets.

– New methods of insulation for certain public and private appliances and materials.

– Will encourage a robust study of material technology in schools, local clubs and hobby shops.

– Let the specialists research and develop an aerial vacuum-energy insulation device, a sub-surface micro wave energy sucking device or a thermal energy converter.

– A military equipment overhaul and personnel upgrade is most certainly a must.  We are vulnerable and our Intel sucks.

But for now, trailer parks, trailer houses and the group known as “trailer trash” are most protected from EMP attack.  Majority of Americans are doomed.  And since most people would frown upon living in double wide trailers, then, I see it as imperative to introduce new things like styrofoam and cardboards elements into roofs, buildings, basements and stilt structures.


Also, earthen rods, to different parts of building structures, could be inserted all the way to underground water beds and made to point away from building structures at surface level.

Smart gadgets, fire-pots and SUB cable points are the weakest to to protect.  And since it will be too hard to implement a law that will reduce the amount of electronic/computerized chips embedded in fire walls and most operating systems, I’d suggest a specially designed low energy caging system.  Or maybe a gel-energy (dissipating or casing) shell.

One thing to consider is that what applies in the South, the Gulf coast states and an Equatorial state like Florida, might not solve the same problem for those in the middle region, and neither will these degree of measures be adequate for those states in the North.  Alaska, being in the polar region will require a different set of measures as well.

Same applies to military technology – starting with the THAAD and how we deploy it in and around Asia.  The nature of that area is not like the Middle East or the plains of Eastern Europe.  No.  It calls for a need to develop mobile and independently powered THAAD platforms.

The nature of that terrain also calls for a strong guide against false reflection and clutter.  Comprehensive equipment re-design, structural overhaul and form adjustment could be put in place to avoid degrading of missile radar and equipment – as North Koreans are poised to do now.

Join me at ReBuildUSAtoday.




I see both universal healthcare and medicare as universally sexist. It favored #Men and #MEN more than it does #Women. And this is because it was formulated, drafted and came to being at a time when 98% or more of the #workforce were MEN.  If so, then: Isn’t it time we look at it again? Isn’t it ripe for a revision, if not a total overhaul?

Why do #Americans assume it would it be wrong to fashion a healthcare system that take issues affecting #Women/#Girls of all ages seriously than has ever been?

Women pay a lot more for #healthcare and #insurance #costs #today, than Men.

Fact that our “#Wall #Street” minded managers believe that Women are most likely prone to have a #short #career. And they are most likely the ones to create a gap in contribution by juggling career with raising a #family, does not mean we should keep an old system in place.

Let’s #ReBuildUSAtoday.


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